Elgancho Men’s Blue T-Shirt – XL – Blue

Elgancho Men’s Blue T-Shirt – XL – Blue

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Elgancho Men’s Blue T-Shirt – XL – Blue


Zavvi – The Home of Pop CultureThis T-shirt features the slogan ‘El gancho’ (the hook) A Spanish Cycling term for being at your limit, battling like a fish on a hook. perfect if you push new limits on every ride.This creative Elgancho Men’s T-Shirt is defined by its exclusivity and style, aspects that enhance any wardrobe. Boasting heaps of character, it is enhanced by a striking print on a stylish piece of attire.(We go the extra mile to ensure that our range of products is responsibly sourced, and we are available to answer any further queries regarding our clothing items.) Pure-cotton garmentThis product can be washed at 40 degreesPrior to tumble-drying, please refer to the labelMedium-weight clothing itemMoreover, this item – its proportions exaggerated – offers comfort to all body types. Prefer a baggier fit? We suggest that you purchase a size up.


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